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Emergency Information for Visitors


In case of an emergency, FIRE, AMBULANCE or POLICE, ring 111 which is the New Zealand Emergency Services number.

Alternatively for emergencies in Lake Tekapo please refer to the Guest Information in your house or click on the links here for information and guidance:





You may hear two different sirens from time to time. 

A long repeating siren sound is for the Volunteer Fire & Emergency Crews. They are most often called out to fires and traffic accidents. Sometimes this happens at night which can be disconcerting for visitors. Please do not worry. The most common concern is that the siren signals a tsunami. It is highly unlikely the lake will generate a tsunami - it has never been experienced here.

The other siren sound is a single long blast during the daytime and is not as loud. It signals that the gates under the town bridge are going to open to allow water from the lake to flow down the river. It is a warning to anyone who may be fishing or exploring the river bed to move to higher ground. 

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